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Tennis Elbow Exercise

For some things in this world, you really have to pay the big bucks to see results.

When you have an injury, you probably assume you will be investing a lot of money in order to heal.

Fortunately, this is not true when it comes to treating your tennis elbow or tendonitis. In this case, you can actually achieve far better results if you decide to be your own therapist.

Skip The Expensive Therapy, Do It Yourself

Many medical “experts” have one line of defense they stick to when treating tennis elbow, physical therapy. Every year, physical therapists and the related physical therapy industry generate millions of dollars in profits by treating tennis elbow.

However, all of the money you spend on physical therapy is not needed and is likely not to cure your problem.

For many injuries, especially acute problems like those from an accident, traditional therapy is an excellent way to rehabilitate and make a full recovery. The difference is that the exercises for tennis elbow are solely aimed at relieving your pain.

They do not focus on strengthening and improving the elbow beyond what is required to stop the pain and resume activity. In fact, often therapy sessions stop as soon as the pain stops leaving you open to future injury because you have not learned how to sustain a healthy arm.

Another problem with going to physical therapy sessions is that the equipment you are using is expensive. Most people only have access to that type of equipment at the therapy office.

This equipment is very effective at exercising the arm at the right angle, with the right weight, and with the right movement that will strengthen it and increase its flexibility.

The drawback comes, once again, when the pain stops. At this point you will typically stop your therapy sessions and no longer have access to these machines. You will not have learned how to continue caring for your arm at home without the machines. This will leave you vulnerable to injury again.

Finally, therapy is expensive. Many insurance plans do not cover it and those that do still leave you with hefty co-pays. Most therapy will require several visits a week for many months. These bills can rack up, especially since you can achieve the same results at home.

The Cheaper, Less Complex Equipment Will Help You The Most

If you search long enough, you are going to find a whole host of gadgets that can be used to treat. They are more than likely expensive and may even require multiple purchases before you get the full affect.

The fact of the matter is that you do not need to spend a lot of money on fancy gadgets in order to heal your tennis elbow. The simpler and inexpensive tools work best.

Most equipment for tendonitis has one focus. It is used in conjunction with tennis elbow exercises. Really expensive equipment strives to keep you in the absolute best position or posture during your exercise.

If you think about it though, what are you really learning using this equipment? You are not learning how to do the task correctly without help. You will remain at risk for injury whenever you do not use the equipment.

Essentially, you will either have to use the equipment for the rest of your life or learn how to do it right without the gadgets.

Instead of buying expensive gadgets, you can probably find everything you need at your local store. A good wrap bandage, also known as an Ace bandage, will give you compression to reduce swelling and possibly relieve pain.

However, it will not restrict your movement so much as to keep your arm in a certain position. You will have to learn the proper form.

A simple set of hand or free weights will also be very effective and very inexpensive. These will enable you to perform a wide range of tennis elbow exercise movements and techniques.

These free weights are a fantastic way to gradually build up strength in your arm. Make sure you do not take on too much load, start with the smaller weights first.

These weights are also quite effective during flexibility exercises. When you have rested your elbow, you will be able to increasingly stretch your tendons to prevent future tendonitis.

Learn The Right Moves From The Right Person

As you read earlier, you do not need to spend a lot of money seeing a physical therapist to relieve your tennis elbow pain. Any exercise for tennis elbow will be just as effective done at home. However, you will still need instruction on which exercises are best and how to perform them properly.

Tennis Elbow SecretsThe author of Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed, Geoff Hunt, will provide you with all of the instruction you need to start healing your tendonitis.

Hunt, a former elbow tendonitis sufferer, designed his program based on all of the knowledge he gained on his quest to heal himself.

He was tired of simply treating his recurring injury only to have it happen again. He realized that the focus of exercise for tennis elbow should be on strengthening the elbow and making it more agile to prevent future injury.

In his book, Hunt shares the series of exercises which cured his own condition. If you follow this program correctly, you should also be able to permanently cure and prevent your tennis elbow. Hunt will show you how to use common household items to heal and strengthen your arm.

Hunt will also teach you the R.I.C.E. method of healing which includes using basic bandage wraps to support and compress the arm during exercise and while resting.

Do not get fooled into spending a lot of money on physical therapy or miracle gadgets to cure your elbow tendonitis. The exercises you need to do are not complicated and do not require a big investment to see results. With good direction and advice, you should be able to heal yourself in

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