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Your body has the ability to repair most injuries.

It makes these repairs by growing new tissue to replace the damaged or missing tissue.

When you are suffering from tennis elbow, you will heal if you can help your body grow new tissue that is strong and healthy.

Check With Your Doctor First

As with any injury, it is a smart move to see a doctor as soon as you can. Only a doctor can verify that you have tennis elbow.

He will need to do a thorough exam of your lateral epicondyle, or elbow, which may include imaging such as X-rays or a CAT scan.

This will ensure that there is not a severe rupture or dislocation that will require lateral epicondylitis surgery.

Once your doctor has confirmed that you have tennis elbow, you will be ready to start healing yourself. Your doctor will likely prescribe pain killers or other prescriptions to treat your pain. If at all possible, do not take these medicines or use them very sparingly.

While your body is metabolizing and processing them, it is not able to take full advantage of the other nutrients you consume.

If you do not have enough nutrients in your body, you will not be able to grow new tissue. Since you focusing should be the growth of new, strong tissue, your best bet is to skip the meds.

The Main Ingredient Is Water

You often think of your tendons as solid and strong “straps” that help you move your arms. When you feel a tendon through your skin it feels solid. This is why it may surprise you to learn your tendons are composed of nearly 70% water.

In addition to being primarily made from water, your body needs water for every function. You cannot move or think without being properly hydrated.

It is the water in your blood that helps nutrients and growth hormones reach every part of your body. New tissue cannot be created if you are not properly hydrated.

Logically, if the main ingredient in your lateral epicondyle is water and it takes water to grow new tissue, then you need to consume a lot of water. While you can get water from your food, the best way to know you are getting enough is to drink a lot throughout the day.

A healthy person needs at least 64 ounces of water, in addition to other beverages, throughout the day. If you are healing an injury, you should try to consume at least 80 ounces of water a day to promote the most growth.

Vitamins To Regrow Tissue

Patients who are recovering from surgery for lateral epicondylitis are typically put on a healthy diet filled that will promote tissue growth.

They are also often prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure they are getting the nutrients they need to heal. Using the same strategy will help you grow new tissue, even if you have not had surgery.

In addition to water, your tendons are made from collagen and elastin. These fibrous materials help the tendon stay strong, but flexible. When a tennis elbow occurs, the strain and friction causes micro tears within the tissue fibers.

The body must immediately begin filling in the micro tears with new tissue. If it does not have the nutrients it needs to do so correctly, it will begin filling in the tears with whatever is available.

Since your body is often high in calcium, your body may mistakenly build calcium rich tissue within the tears. Unfortunately, these calcium deposits will be stiff, limiting movement and easily causing painful friction.

If you do not want this to happen to you, make sure you have the nutrients your body needs to produce elastin and collagen. Vitamin-C is one of the most essential vitamins. It is the main ingredient to both elastin and collagen and you will not be able to grow new tissue without it.

Vitamin-B complexes trigger the production of growth hormone which instructs your body to build new tissue. The more vitamin-B you have, the more your body will be in “growth mode”.

In addition to these two vitamins, you should probably take a generic vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure that none of your other body processes are limited.

Keep The New Tissue Strong

It is absolutely vital that you keep the new tissue as strong and as flexible as possible. Resting is important for making repairs. However, you will also want to perform exercises to keep the tissue healthy during and after the growth process.

Tennis Elbow SecretsThe e-book Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed will give you the training you need to stay healthy. The program will instruct you on a series of flexes, stretches, and exercises that will not only keep the new tissue in peak condition, but will prevent injury in the future.

Furthermore, the e-book will teach you when and how to rest your elbow in conjunction with exercise to make sure you are healing properly.

Just remember, your body is going to repair your tennis elbow the best it can. It can fill in the wound with healthy new cells or it can create tissue that will be forever prone to pain and damage. You are the only one who can provide what it needs to build strong, flexible elbow tissue. The choice to be forever pain free is yours.

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