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Questions About Nitric Oxide For Tennis Elbow

You may be wondering who thought of using a free radical – nitric oxide – for tennis elbow?

Is this a sane type of tennis elbow treatment? What type of results can someone expect from using nitric oxide?

And how is it that you would add this potentially harmful free radical to your body to see if it might work?

These are all the questions that tennis elbow sufferers are asking about nitric oxide treatments for lateral epicondylitis.

The research comes out of Australia for nitric oxide and tennis elbow. But before you read about that, it’s important to know a little about nitric oxide.

QuestionWhat Nitric Oxide Is

Your body generates free radicals on its own as a part of everyday living. By breathing in oxygen, your body simultaneously has to break it down.

When the oxygen combines with hydrogen, you get hydrogen peroxide, a free radical. When the oxygen combines with other molecules of oxygen, you get the free radical called superoxide.

When the oxygen combines with nitrogen, you get nitric oxide, another free radical. These free radicals are generated by enzymes that synthesize them.

The enzymes to synthesize free radicals can be found in the brain, in the nerves, or in the individual cells of the body. Really, these enzymes are everywhere.

The enzymes help the body by processing the oxygen in the body.

Early StudiesWhat Early Studies On Nitric Oxide Found

Scientists in Australia discovered that after tendons were damaged in rats, the enzymes that synthesize the free radical nitric oxide went crazy and started producing nitric oxide in large amounts.

They found nitric oxide synthetase activity in cells called fibroblasts that are related to healing the tendon injury. Fibroblasts are a specific type of cell found in skin and tendons that start the healing and repair cycle.

The nitric oxide enzymes were not found in normal tendons, the type that were healthy and didn’t have any areas that needed to be repaired.

Real Hope For Using Nitric Oxide For Tennis Elbow Surfaces

Hope SignThis was a big discovery for the scientists because it meant that they could test the hypothesis that nitric oxide could potentially work for injuries such as tennis elbow.

The next step was to see if they could stop the nitric oxide enzymes from working in a damaged tendon, and what would happen in this case.

To the scientists’ delight, when they added a chemical that blocked the nitric oxide enzymes from working, there was no healing of the tendon.

This was good news because it led them to conclude that there was something about the nitric oxide enzymes that was helping tendons heal.

The studies were repeated in human cells and similar results were found. The scientists found that collagen synthesis increased and healing was evident.

Randomized, Double-Blind Trials Proved Nitric Oxide Worked

Nitro DurNext it was time to test their hypothesis about this potential new tennis elbow treatment in actual humans.

They set up three randomized, double-blind trials and used a patch that delivered nitric oxide to the area that had damaged tendons, including patients with tennis elbow, Achilles tendonopathy, and a type of tendonitis that affects the shoulder blade.

The patch contained a chemical called glyceryl trinitrate, which breaks down to nitric oxide in the body. The presence of nitric oxide would then stimulate the production of the nitric oxide synthetases.

A positive benefit was found, and researchers reported that it was significant.

However, when the researchers followed up five years later, they found no difference in those who had used the glyceryl trinitrate patch compared to those who didn’t. They concluded that it was useless.

What’s Wrong With This Deduction?

Often, medical researchers are short-sighted. It’s the actual scientific process they must follow that makes them this way. They have rules that must be followed.

One of these rules is that they can’t conclude that something should be tried if certain requirements are met.

It’s good to have standards but when the process takes 25 to 50 years to approve of something, this is of no help to those suffering from tennis elbow now.

The answer has to be figured out from those with tennis elbow sometimes, not the researchers.

Questions You Should Be Asking

Now if three studies proved that there was a significant benefit, then why not use nitric oxide for tennis elbow?

The fact that it didn’t show improvement is meaningless and only means that if you have tennis elbow, you should use something else in conjunction with the nitric oxide to get healed. And also don’t depend on the nitric oxide as a sole, new tennis elbow treatment for five years.

The healing that was started should not be discounted.

So if you used a patch and if you used proven tennis elbow exercises together, you would drastically increase your chances of healing, wouldn’t you?

Tennis Elbow ebookOf course. It only makes sense.

The book I like for these exercises is Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed. It’s a downloadable ebook and you could get started on the proven exercises today.

Do more than think about it. While you look for nitric oxide for tennis elbow, start healing with the exercises.

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