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Tennis Serve

If you have tennis elbow, it’s difficult to think about following all the rules for a good tennis serve. But you must. Cringing because of pain from tennis elbow will disrupt your normally good form and seriously affect the speed of your serve.

Record Tennis Ball Serves Clock In At Over 100 MPH

And as you already know, a tennis ball that is only moving at 20 mph rather than 50 mph or 70 mph is much easier to return to you.

How fast is a good tennis serve? What’s the fastest tennis serve ever recorded?

Recently – in 2011 the tennis serve of Ivo Karlovic clocked in at 156 mph. The event was the Davis Cup doubles match.

And just in case you’re relatively new at tennis, the Davis Cup is the world’s largest international team competition in tennis. It’s held annually and occurs over four weekends. Sixteen nations compete. Here’s the latest rankings:

#1 Spain with over 39,000 points
#2 Argentina with over 24,000 points
#3 Serbia with over 22,000 points
#4 Czech Republic with 16,438 points
#5 France with 16,405 points
#6 USA with close to 11,000 points
#7 Croatia with over 6000 points
#8 Austria with almost 5000 points

Now compare the speed of the tennis serve from Ivo Karlovic to the speed of the tennis serve from Venus Williams which was clocked at 130 mph.

If you’re not a tennis professional you’ll be lucky if you hit 70 mph after about a year’s worth of training.

How To Improve Your Tennis Serve

The keys to a good tennis serve are:

1. Think Farther

Aim your serves on a target much farther back than the other player. The best time to do this is when no one else is on the court.

Tennis Serve Whole Body2. A Good Tennis Serve Requires Your Whole Body

Use your whole body, especially your legs. You may be able to add another 7 to 10 mph just by driving with your legs.

3. Inhale Or Exhale? Which Is Correct?

Don’t inhale when you serve. Just like in weight lifting when you exhale at the most difficult part of the motion, it’s the same in tennis. Let out that air – and let go of all the tension. This is one of the primary keys to a good tennis serve.

4. Loosen Up In The Area Of Your Upper Body

Loosen up your shoulders. The more mobile your shoulders are, the more you’ll be able to whack the ball.

5. Loosen Your Grip, Too

Tennis GripLoosen your grip on the racquet. Otherwise, the tension contributes to slowing down the ball and it won’t be a good tennis serve.

Creating A Good Tennis Serve When You Have Tennis Elbow

But what do you do when you have tennis elbow? How can you keep your speed of the tennis serve up when you’re in pain?

The answer is you better check with the tennis coaches as to what they are doing with the professional players. But the problem is they are too famous and won’t give you the time of day. Or night.

You have to have inside info. And that’s what you’ll find here: the answer as to how Janko Tipsarevic, Yes-Hsun (Rendy), Mikhail Youzhny, Angelique Kerber and many more professional tennis players are increasing the explosiveness of their tennis serve.

It’s in a tennis aid called Tennis Flex.

And you don’t have to have tennis elbow to use it. The story is that if you want a good tennis serve, you better train like the professionals.

Best Way To Improve Your Good Tennis Serve

Tennis FlexTennis Flex is the first racquet-integrated resistance and performance training device that allows for precise and tennis-specific muscle micro-conditioning that can be used on and off the court. That’s a mouthful… but it’s what you need if you need rehabilitation.

And it’s what the top physiotherapists for the professional tennis players are using when the pros develop injuries.

An injury can ruin the career of a tennis professional so it’s up to the coaches, trainers and health care team to make sure the pros are always at their best.

What the Tennis Flex is are resistance bands specifically attached to the tennis racquet so you can get tennis-specific swing and rotational resistance, core stability and coordination training all in one.

The aid creates a variable asymmetric load, ideal for training balance, explosive power and pre-match warm-ups.

Trainers and physical therapists in many different sports use resistance bands which effectively assist in rehabilitation. The bands have been proven in research studies to increase range of motion, combat weak muscles and increase reaction time.

Using Tennis Flex, the motions of resistance bands are made to be tennis specific for all components of the swing.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll have no pain at first while you’re going through the motions. But it does mean that the pain you feel should be less and less each day when you use it.

Tennis Elbow ebookTennis Flex allows you to store the muscle memory needed to perfect the swings and that good tennis serve. It gives you the neurological pattern for tennis success even with tennis elbow.

For more information, check out Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed which will give you additional exercises you can perform with resistance bands for your tennis elbow.

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