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Tennis Flex

In the latest examples of new tennis elbow tools, the one developed by Cameron Shafie stands out as the best potential tool to cure tennis elbow. It’s called the Tennis Flex.

History Of How The Tennis Flex Was Created

Cameron Shafie was clearly born for tennis. He’s loved it since he was a young lad, played tennis every chance he could, and went to the big championships as a spectator for years. His whole world was the tennis crowd and the sport of tennis.

After playing tennis for 30 years though, Cameron ran into a big obstacle in his life: he developed tennis elbow.

No matter what he did, the pain of tennis elbow was there. He couldn’t:

  • Do normal daily activities such as pick up a bag of groceries
  • Move his hand up to his head to shampoo or comb his hair without pain
  • Twist a bottle open
  • Hammer a nail
  • Even writing and typing created pain.

And of course, playing tennis was too difficult and too painful to want to do that anymore. But what was he to do? Tennis was what his whole life revolved around.

Every time he did play, the serves were excruciating. And after a few of them, Cameron noticed that not only were his serves not as powerful as before, but they also were frought with lingering pain.

Once the ball hit the racquet, the vibration sent pain sensations through his forearm and elbow at what must have been the speed of lightning.

New Tennis Elbow Tool Was Needed

Cameron Shafie Tennis FlexHe was beginning to associate the game of tennis with pain and that would have to stop if he was ever to play tennis again. He had to come up with a solution to this tennis elbow.

Cameron had a top sports physician he worked with in the Los Angeles area and had many discussions with him about what was needed. They decided that the only thing that really cures tennis elbow is using resistance bands.

It didn’t take Cameron long to equip himself with the resistance bands. After all, the American Journal of Sports Medicine reported that it was tennis-specific resistance training that significantly increased power output in collegiate tennis players.

Strong History Of Benefits From Resistance Bands

Resistance Band ExerciseTop physiotherapists have used resistance bands not only for tennis elbow but many other types of rehabilitation. In one survey, the bands were used by about 40 percent of athletes that compete in strongmen competitions.

They’re used by physical therapists to improve golf swing, improve range of motion in the elderly and in those with arthritis. Resistance bands increase the function and strength of the muscles in those recovering from stroke, too.

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Then Cameron’s doctor gave him information that changed everything.

The doctor revealed that he could cure tennis elbow if he somehow connected the resistance bands to the tennis racquet. By doing so, he would increase the circulation to the area to be healed.

And that’s what he did. Cameron developed an invention called Tennis Flex that allows you to get increased circulation to the joints and muscles of your elbow. This is exactly where you need it the most.

Tennis Flex UseBy hooking the bands to the tennis racquet, you can warm up before your next tennis match or practice and the tennis elbow will begin hurting less and less. These three minutes Cameron spent daily were the turning point to his tennis elbow.

Question ThinkCure Tennis Elbow? You Decide

It took about three months to cure tennis elbow using the Tennis Flex. Others that use the same tennis elbow tool find it may take a little less time, or a little more – but three months is the average.

But there’s something else you should know about this story of the new tennis elbow tool called Tennis Flex and its creator Cameron Shafie.

After using the Tennis Flex, he was able to get back on the court and deliver more explosive serves than ever. His balance was better. And his core muscles were stronger. The simple device had improved his game far greater than what he ever could have expected.

And that’s what other tennis players are finding. Some of his clients include Angelique Kerber and Janko Tipsarevic.

Both use the Tennis Flex in their training regimens. Angelique attributes the Tennis Flex as one tennis elbow tool that helped prevent her career from going downhill fast after the development of tennis shoulder.

She was still able to train and ended up rising to the level of 9th on the World Open Championships.

That’s quite a remarkable comeback, wouldn’t you say?

Tennis Elbow ebookMaybe you could check it out. And while you’re using the Tennis Flex, take a look at the ebook, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed.

It’s packed with all kinds of exercises that have helped hundreds of tennis elbow players recover who were looking for a way to cure tennis elbow.

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