Why It’s So Difficult To Recover From A Tennis Elbow Diagnosis These Days

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Billie Jean King Tennis Elbow

About 40 years ago, you really didn’t hear much about people with a tennis elbow diagnosis.

Maybe that was because tennis wasn’t as popular as it is now. Or maybe because tennis wasn’t in the news that often.

Sure, we heard about Billie Jean King when something big happened but other than that, who knew what was going on in the tennis world besides the die-hard fans.

It’s the tennis professionals themselves who have taken the sport to the next level.

The racquets are completely different. The way they play the game is completely different. And even the attitude in the public is much different.

If you watch training videos on tennis or even just tennis matches back a few decades ago, you might just say to yourself, “That’s tennis? It looks nothing like the tennis I saw at the last professional match!”

What exactly has changed in tennis – and are these changes related to the reasons why a tennis elbow diagnosis is more common? Let’s look at a list of the changes.

Major Changes In The Game Of Tennis

1. The Biomechanics Of Ground Strokes Have Changed

  • When you’re at the back of the court, you need explosive moves that require your entire body. Your core muscles have to be strong and ready in an instant to support your serve or ground strokes.
  • Your footwork has to be precise with a sense of balance more than just good.

2. The Game Is Very Physical Now

Training For Tennis To Prevent A Tennis Elbow Diagnosis

Tennis Elbow TrainingBut how do you train for this so that you can prevent a tennis elbow diagnosis? The problem is that ordinary gyms don’t have machines or equipment that mimics the motions used in tennis these days.

Think about it. Your lat pulldown machine will build your latissimus dorsi muscles but it isn’t going to improve your tennis serve. And once you do have tennis elbow, you’ll be acting differently on the court than if you didn’t have a tennis elbow diagnosis.

You’ll be moving your body in different ways to avoid pain rather than moving it in the way that you should to hit the ball.

An example of this is when you have back pain. How do you walk? How do you sit? How do you stand? Everything is altered as a result of the pain. Does your new gait affect your habits? Absolutely. You can expect over a period of time that you will continue moving in these pain-provoked movements.

When you end up changing your tennis technique as a result of pain, this translates to one thing – more pain while you are practicing. It’s a good way to aggravate the tennis elbow.

But it’s also the beginning of developing bad habits and improper form during your tennis game. And that means that you will definitely prolong the time that tennis elbow diagnosis stays with you. No fun!

The Right Equipment Hasn’t Been Developed Yet

Resistance BandsBack to the idea about what equipment in the health club can help you develop the muscles of the shoulders, elbows, wrists and lower back.

Even though there are machines that will help strengthen these areas – the shoulder press machine, the triceps extension machine, biceps curl machine, and lower back extension machine, these machines don’t address the fast-twitch muscles; only the slow-twitch muscles.

The health club just doesn’t have machines that will be what you need for tennis – and to prevent a tennis elbow diagnosis.

However, there are resistance bands that seem to work wonders for the top tennis professionals. If you had the opportunity to open the tennis bag of Angelique Kerber or Janko Tipsarevic, top players in the World Open championships, what would you find?

You’d actually find resistance bands. They work out with resistance bands, which are able to fill in the gap of the exercise equipment at the health club and what is needed. And a lot of top physiotherapists use the bands in rehabilitation when someone has a tennis elbow diagnosis.

Top tennis coaches help out their players by using resistance bands as well.

So there are answers for a tennis elbow diagnosis.

Tennis Elbow ebookAnother one is to get the book, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed.

This book lists an entire protocol of exercises that will help you strengthen the muscles after a tennis elbow diagnosis.

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