Why Drinking Alcohol Will Prevent Tennis Elbow Healing

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Alcohol Drinking

When you have tennis elbow, you’ll do anything you can to try your best to get maximum tennis elbow healing. But have you ever considered that some of your personal habits may be interfering with your healing?

Think of it this way: If you were an athlete and you hurt your foot, would there be any personal habits that could possibly interfere with your healing?

Sure, there would. If you couldn’t stay quietly in one spot, you’d heal as quickly as possible. Of course, you’d be allowed minimal movement, because no movement at all interferes with healing.

But do you see how someone’s personality – and personal habits could interfere with their healing? What if someone was a Type A personality and had to constantly be moving? They’d interfere with their own healing.

It’s the same thing with tennis elbow healing.

There could easily be things you are doing in your own daily activities – or personality quirks that could interfere with your healing. Aren’t you dying to know what those are?

I thought so, and here’s a list below of what are the top 6 tennis elbow healing disrupters.

Personal Habits That Disrupt Tennis Elbow Healing

1. Alcohol: A Temporary High Followed By Inflammation And Pain

Alcohol EffectThe #1 worst personal habit of all is drinking alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body.

When you dehydrate the body, pain worsens and tissues start to dry out. The drier they are, the more difficult it is for them to slide.

For example, muscles need water to work properly. Joints need synovial fluid, primarily water, to lubricate them.

Disks in the spine need water to be plumped up large enough to maintain your proper height and function as they should, protecting your spinal canal from injury.

Thus, if you want more pain, go on a drinking binge. You’ll think you feel better temporarily when you’re tipsy, but the reality of it will set in the next day: you feel miserable. You hurt all over and no matter what you do, the day doesn’t go right.

Alcohol shifts the body’s metabolism to store fat as well and it raises the blood sugar level. With no nutrients in the alcoholic drink, your body is zapped of nutrients that it has stored away for an emergency.

Some of those nutrients include B vitamins and minerals such as zinc. You only lose when you drink alcohol, no matter whether you have tennis elbow or not.

2. Not Drinking Enough Water Kills Your Joints

Not drinking enough water is second in the list of bad habits. The reasons are the same that are mentioned above.

No Soda3. Pop Drinkers: Think Twice About What You’re Drinking

Pop drinking is another killer of tennis elbow healing. Pop contains carbonation, which is carbon dioxide, or CO2. CO2 is a waste product in the body from metabolism.

Why would you want to drink a beverage containing a waste product that your body has to get rid of?

4. Meat And Potato Eaters: What You’re Missing Is Delaying Your Tennis Elbow Healing

Healing FoodsYour body loves regular meals, but if the meals are basically meat and potatoes, you’re lacking necessary fruits and vegetables and dairy products.

Fruits are rich in antioxidants that speed up healing. Vegetables contain minerals and antioxidants that can also speed up healing.

Dairy products contain calcium that is not found in appreciable quantity in other foods. The calcium can help relax muscles surrounding the tennis elbow joint.

There’s nothing wrong with eating meat – but potatoes are another thing. High on the Glycemic index scale, they cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket and insulin to be released.

That high insulin will then cause lots of inflammation in the body, and especially in your tennis elbow.

Leaving out the potato from the meal and replacing it with some other low Glycemic index vegetable such as yams, acorn squash, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, or carrots will accelerate tennis elbow healing.

Thus, meat and potato men are doomed to have tennis elbow healing delayed.

5. Sugar Junkies: Expect Delays In Tennis Elbow Healing

Sugar JunkiesHaving a sugar habit is bad habit #5 when it comes to tennis elbow healing. Sugar raises the blood sugar which sets the inflammation into motion as a result of the high insulin levels.

Tennis Elbow ebookIt’s just not worth it!

For more info on what to do about your tennis elbow, get a copy of the ebook, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed. You’ll find good solid info on what to do.

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Eric Stuart June 1, 2016 at 1:10 pm

I’ve had surgery for urnal nerve transposition, as well as lateral epicondylitis.
I abuse all these things you’ve listed. Alcohol, Soda like crazy!! As well as candy and don’t really drink water and diet is horrible.
I had no idea. Everything I’ve read on it, didn’t pinpoint EXACTLY the things I’m doing wrong.
If me changing these things fixes this, cause I’ve been through HELL over this, I w I’ll be so grateful for this article.
Seems like it be an awful big coincidence if this wasn’t the problem. Thank you.

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