Tennis Elbow Treatment

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Tennis Elbow Treatment

It may have been as soon as you first felt your pain or you may have waited until it was more severe and could no longer be ignored. Whenever it was, it is likely you started researching your condition and know now that you have tennis elbow.

Diagnosing your problem is just the start, now you have to find a solution. However, you can easily get mislead and make the wrong therapy choices if you do not have the right knowledge.

When it comes to treatment, tennis elbow is no different than many similar injuries; it can be hard to tell fact from fiction. There is a lot of information out there which pushes remedies that will not solve your problem.

They are not focused on helping you understand your problem in a way that can help you heal yourself.

The Truth About Your Condition

First, if you are telling yourself your pain cannot be from tennis elbow because you do not play tennis then stop right there. Tennis elbow is a general term for any number of activities can cause the condition.

In fact, only 5% of all tennis elbow cases are from playing tennis. Golfers often suffer from the same injury. In general, people who perform a physical job or recreational activity regularly and frequently use their arms are very prone to get tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow traditionally affected 30 to 50 year olds and more men than women. In recent years, these statistics have changed. There are increasing occurrences of patients under 30 seeking treatment for tennis elbow.

A recent University of California study theorized that these cases, and similar injuries, are because our busy schedules prevent us performing adequately preparing our bodies for the exercise nor do we have the time to let ourselves heal correctly.

This injury happens because you have overused and overexerted your elbow. Gradually, inadequate care for your muscles and tendons has caused injury and slight tears to your muscles and tendons, typically where they are attached.

It is important to know the condition will continue to get worse if you do not make an effort to heal. If left untreated the condition can eventually get so bad that you cannot grip a door knob or shake someone’s hand.

Some good news about this injury is that you would not have it if you were not being physically active. It does not matter if your condition is from sport, recreation, or work.

If you are already active, this will give you a good head start on treating tennis elbow by strengthening your body to accelerate healing and prevent reinjuring it in the future.

When To Seek A Doctor’s Help, And When Not To

It is okay to research your condition. In fact, it is important that you thoroughly understand your problem for you to understand how to treat tennis elbow.

However, no matter how sure you are of your self-diagnosis, it is important that you do check with a doctor to verify it before you begin your healing process.

When your condition comes on gradually and gets worse over time your probably have tennis elbow. The reason why a doctor should look at it first is to make sure it is not something worse.

Certain conditions, such as a severe muscle, tendon, or ligament tear will need surgery before you can begin any home therapy. Nerve damage, such as carpal tunnel, will also need surgery and rehabilitation.

Fortunately, it is most likely tennis elbow and not one of these more severe conditions. Less than 1% of all tennis elbow cases need this type of treatment.

There is more good news. Once your doctor confirms your diagnosis, you are done at the doctor’s office. You do not need to worry about prescriptions, shots, expensive therapy, or any other medical solution your doctor will offer.

Once you are sure of your problem, you can follow a natural and more effective path for tennis elbow treatment.

You Don’t Need To Waste Money Paying For Treatment, Heal Yourself

There are essentially two problems with any remedy your doctor is going to offer you. First, medical solutions are not true solutions. They will address your symptoms, such as your pain and lack of motion.

Pain killers and steroid shots will help the tenderness and reduce any swelling. However, they will not solve the problem nor do they truly heal your arm. The next time you overexert your arm, the pain and swelling will resume.

You doctor may suggest seeing a licensed physical therapist or buying some physical therapy device. Even these are not true solutions to your problem. Therapy devices are only meant to be used temporarily and do not teach you anything you could not have learned on your own.

No one plans on wearing a brace or other equipment for the rest of their lives. Physical therapists are also only treating the acute symptoms. As soon as you are feeling better, your therapy will stop and the injury will soon return.

Secondly, these medical options are expensive, especially considering they are not quality tennis elbow treatments. Repeated visits to doctors and physical therapists can rack up costs.

Over the counter and prescription medications can accumulate even larger bills. Fancy therapy devices are sold for far more than the value you will get from them.

Just because these traditional remedy options are not going to work does not mean you are stuck suffering for the rest of your life. It also does not mean you need to give up your favorite activity.

You can treat tennis elbow yourself and find a natural cure to your problem. You read that right, you can cure your problem naturally.

Improved Strength Leads To Improved Health

Think of it this way, have you ever heard of someone who is very fit having this type of repeated and prolonged injury? Sure, they may have pulled something once because they overdid it while exercising, but 2 days later they felt great and returned to normal activity.

Generally, these people never complain of muscles aches and pains. This is because their muscles and tendons are strong enough to support any movement without injury and their body is healthy enough to heal any damage they do incur immediately.

Tennis Elbow SecretsIf you want to have the same long-term cure, then you need to strengthen your arm. In the e-book, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed, Geoff Hunt will give you the right information you need to achieve this strength and health. His program will teach you how to balance proper strength training with the traditional R.I.C.E. method of rest to completely heal your elbow and keep you injury free.

Hunt has developed a series of stretches, extensions, and flexes that keep the muscles and tendons ready for use. These methods exercise every component of your arm so that it is ready to support all movement. Also, he will teach you to chronicle and understand your activity so that you can recognize risky behavior and immediately know when you need to make safety changes.

It is important that you separate fact from fiction regarding the treatment of tennis elbow. That way you can commit to a quality program to strengthen and heal and start seeing results. Before you know it, you will be extending your arm, grasping items, and shaking hands just like you used to.

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Manuel Rivera-melo June 10, 2016 at 9:38 pm

I have pain from using my right side only due to limitation on my left shoulder I over used my right side lots of pain I feel Cracking in my elbow

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