Tennis Elbow Braces And Supports: What You Should Know

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Tennis Elbow Brace Support

Tennis elbow braces and supports fall under the category of orthotics. They can be made from different types of materials including metal, plastic, elastic bandages, or a combination of two or more of them.

How A Tennis Elbow Is Fitted To You

Most tennis elbow braces and supports are standard ones that come in sizes of extra large, large, medium and small.

However, if your condition is severe and complicated, it’s possible that a physician will order a specialized tennis elbow brace for you. In this case, your arm and elbow measurements will be taken to insure that the tennis elbow brace fits you perfectly.

Tennis Elbow Braces Are Created With An End Result In Mind

Tennis Elbow Strap

Your tennis elbow brace has to take into consideration that you have difficulty moving your arm. For this reason, many of the ones available on the market are ones that may be strapped on top of your arm and are held with fasteners such as Velcro.

Just because you are in pain when you move the arm and hand doesn’t mean that you’re better off immobilizing it. In fact, research studies have shown that immobilization can make the condition worse in the long run.

A little bit of movement is required, and that little bit of movement will aide in lymphatic vessels pumping out some of the inflammatory compounds trapped in the area that are responsible for the pain.

Tennis elbows could be created to not allow any motion, and these types would only be a good idea in the event that there are complications.

For example, a person has tennis elbow along with a fractured arm or rotator cuff syndrome at the same time. Most likely in this case, the tennis elbow brace will be made from plaster of paris, and be a traditional type of cast.

Your Physician Will Determine The Next Step

Tennis Elbow DoctorIt’s also possible that you may start out using a static tennis elbow brace – one that doesn’t allow any motion – simply because your inflammation is so great in the beginning may be a good thing.

This is for the doctor to determine.

Tennis elbow braces can also be created to permit movement and support weak muscles. Some braces may be helpful when there are spasms that won’t stop, as well.

There’s one other type of tennis elbow braces and supports, and that’s a tennis elbow brace that may be used during rehabilitation.

You can obtain information on this type of brace from your physical therapist.

Who Is The Best Person To Visit About A Tennis Elbow Brace?


There’s a specific specialty of medicine dedicated to the creation of braces and supports for the different parts of the body. The name of this type of specialist is called a licensed orthotist.

To become a certified orthotist, the person must complete a residency of one year and pass an exam. The person is certified by the American Board of Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics.

Remember These Pointers About Tennis Elbow Braces

If you do use a tennis elbow brace, it’s important to remember these tips:

1. Tennis elbow is not permanent. You will get over it.

2. If you get a tennis elbow brace that’s similar to a cast, you won’t be able to move your muscles. This can contribute to atrophy of the muscles.

Tennis elbow may have resulted from weak muscles to start with, so really give this one some thought before jumping in and agreeing with the doctor.

3. You may be better off using ice and heat to recover, along with strengthening exercises.

Tennis Elbow ebookTennis elbow braces can be one of those things that seems like an excellent idea but in reality it’s not. Do discuss it thoroughly with your doctor and ask a lot of questions.

For more info on how to build up and strengthen the area, I suggest you get the ebook, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed. It has already helped a lot of people recover from tennis elbow.

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