Have Lateral Epicondylitis? Try A 12-Week Strengthening Program

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Arm Strengthening

The bottom line here is that if strengthening exercises for tennis elbow are done within the first four weeks of developing lateral epicondylitis, you can expect pain improvement.

You can also expect to heal faster from tennis elbow.

ResearchIdea Backed By Research

This isn’t just some hypothetical mumbo-jumbo or some idea that’s not tested. It’s real. It’s actually tested by Korean researchers who reported their results in the journal Clinical Orthopedic Surgery in September of 2010. (Source: Clin Orthop Surg. 2010 Sep;2(3):173-8. Epub 2010 Aug 3.)

And they didn’t have the tennis elbow patients perform their strengthening exercises at the research laboratory or the hospital every day while being carefully watched by physical therapist researchers. The patients did the tennis elbow strengthening exercises at home – in the privacy of their homes.

The physical therapist did show them how to do the exercises, though at the research laboratory or hospital. They had to have some control of what was going on.

And then he sent them home with instructions on how often to do them and how many to do.

What I like about this study is that it is reproducible by the average Joe Smith and Jane Smith with lateral epicondylitis.

QuestionWhat Are Strengthening Exercises For Tennis Elbow?

Strengthening exercises for tennis elbow are exercises done with weights – or bands that take a muscle from weak and flabby to strong and pain-free. Here are some other benefits that you would expect to happen from tennis elbow strengthening exercises:

☑ Feeling of more confidence

☑ Feeling like you’re empowered

☑ Feeling like this tennis elbow is not going to get you down

☑ Standing up straighter

☑ Smiling more often (watch and see for yourself)

☑ Increased endorphin production in the body

(these are the feel good hormones that make you love life)

☑ Desire to start to get your whole body in shape

☑ Better insulin sensitivity

☑ Better blood sugar levels

☑ Better bone density and more

Motivation: Start Your Strengthening Exercises For Tennis Elbow


And here’s a tip that a California dietitian gives her clients when they don’t want to exercise: you don’t have to want to exercise all you have to do is GET UP. Get up out of bed and put on your workout clothes.

This alone is enough for many to start strengthening exercises.

Just like those patients worked out at home, you could do the same – and that means you have direct control on your lateral epicondylitis. If that’s not exciting news, I don’t know what is!

So after one month there was a significant improvement in pain levels with the strengthening exercises.

By the way, you should know that those who didn’t get the strength exercise plan until the 2nd or 3rd month after their diagnosis still got improvement by doing the exercises.

What all this means is that you have a choice. You can drag out your pain and misery – or you can get your relief now.

You see, by the end of one month, 27% had NO PAIN or only occasional mild pain.

You probably don’t even have to exercise daily and could take off the weekends.

What You’ll Need To Get Started

Band Flexbar

You could get some exercise bands, which look like big rubber bands shaped like tubes. These work well for strengthening the elbow and forearm muscles in lateral epicondylitis.

Now how hard is it to motivate yourself to get some hand weights of different sizes – 2.5 pounds, 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds and 20 pounds? And to do your exercises once a day for 30 days?

Remember – before you answer this question – that if you’re anything like the lateral epicondylitis patients in the study, then you have a 37% chance of having no pain in 30 days. Otherwise, if you’re not like most patients, you still have an 88% chance of no pain by the end of the 12 weeks.

But if your mind is thinking, you would have figured out that you wouldn’t have to do the exercises after 30 days if you had no pain then, would you?

So what are you doing still reading? Isn’t it time to get on these strengthening exercises now?

One place you can find them is in the ebook, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed.

What’s that – you still aren’t motivated? Well, then imagine these benefits that people get from exercising:

☑ More sex drive

☑ More energy during the day

☑ Starting to lose weight

☑ Looking more radiant because your blood isn’t stagnant anymore; now it’s circulating faster throughout your body

Is that enough to get you going?

And remember: strengthening exercises for tennis elbow work for 37% of those with lateral epicondylitis when started as soon as possible after the symptoms develop.

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