Tennis Elbow Acupuncture: Why It Works

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Tennis Elbow Acupuncture

One of the latest buzzes about treatment for lateral epicondylitis is acupuncture for tennis elbow.

This treatment isn’t a medical treatment although surprisingly, medical doctors are starting to catch on to the fact that acupuncture for tennis elbow really does work.

Many of them are realizing that what they have to offer for lateral epicondylitis isn’t good enough for many patients. Those with tennis elbow get tired of taking medication and not really getting any better.

You see, you can take painkillers to numb the pain but numbing the pain isn’t what you need. You need to go beyond the numbing and get to the finish line that says Healing.

How Acupuncture For Tennis Elbow Became Accepted In The U.S.

Acupuncture Training

About a decade ago, there was a shift in the minds of the general population towards medicine. A significant percentage of the population became willing to try alternative medicine methods, which included acupuncture for tennis elbow.

Medical doctors who treat lateral epicondylitis saw the frustration that their patients had and discovered that they often used other methods when traditional medicine didn’t work.

Then quite a few medical doctors started teaming up with Chinese medical doctors just to learn what it was that could be so effective.

They enrolled in the weekend seminars for doctors to learn the fine art of Chinese acupuncture and among the curriculum was treatment for tennis elbow with acupuncture.

The World Health Organization even decided that the research was so positive about tennis elbow acupuncture that they pronounced the treatment was quite effective, and recommended it.

The WHO still recommends acupuncture treatment to this day.

How Does Acupuncture For Tennis Elbow Work?

Acupuncture PointsAcupuncture theory is quite interesting. To the Chinese, the body is a map of different energy meridians.

Each energy meridian is similar to a road that traverses a city; on each road there are homes, restaurants, and parks.

The meridians of the body lead to bones, muscles, organs and tissues. Thus, the body is a system of interlinking meridians.

Each meridian’s purpose is to brink life flow, or energy to the different parts of the body.

If a meridian develops a roadblock along the way, then the bones, muscles, organs or tissues that are down the road from the block can’t get the energy they need. They start suffering and crying out with symptoms.

What About The Needles?

Acupuncture Needles

Acupuncturists then spend time with patients determining where the roadblocks are, and once they find them, it’s possible to use very thin needles to effect a cure.

The needles are very thin, much thinner than a needle the med technologist uses to draw blood. They are inserted about one-fourth of an inch into the specific acupuncture points.

Some needles may be inserted into the elbow muscles for lateral epicondylitis, but there are other areas of the body that also may be used. This is because of that interlocking system of roads in the body.

If one of the highways that you usually take to work is closed down, you go a different route, right? The same thing is true with acupuncture.

Once there’s a blockage detected, then other routes to open up the blockage must be taken. That’s why you could end up with needles stuck in your knee although you are getting treated with tennis elbow acupuncture.

You may even have a few needles inserted into the muscles of your neck. The Chinese have the whole system of acupuncture figured out, and have been using it for 2000+ years.

So don’t worry that you are going to be a human guinea pig that feels like a pin cushion!

The Chinese are pros and have been performing acupuncture longer than medical doctors have been performing medicine!

The fact is that the acupuncture needles don’t hurt, and the most you’ll feel is a slight touch of the needle to your skin.

Acupuncture needles are left inserted into the skin for about 20 minutes, sometimes a half hour. The needles are disposable and never reused again.

When the needle is removed, occasionally there may be a drop of blood but this is pretty unusual if it happens. The needles are so thin that when they enter the body, they rarely pierce a blood vessel.

Next StepShould You Try Acupuncture For Tennis Elbow?

Acupuncturists will do a series of sessions for your treatment plan. The treatment plan may last anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on how your body responds.

You really should try tennis elbow acupuncture. See if the WHO really is recommending the right treatment!

Tennis Elbow ebookIf you’re still a little traditional, you may want to consider doing exercises for tennis elbow. Exercises are often included in rehabilitation plans for those with lateral epicondylitis.

If so, please see the ebook called “Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed.”

It’s a quick read and the instructions for how to do the exercises is pretty detailed so you can get a headstart on your healing this way.

Check it out!

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