The Top 4 Worst Mistakes That Tennis Elbow Injury Sufferers Make

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When you have a tennis elbow injury, the last thing you want to do is make it worse. You already have so much pain in the area of the lateral epicondylitis whenever you:

  • Brush your hair and your teeth
  • Lift grocery bags
  • Mow the lawn or push a grocery cart
  • Hold a coffee cup
  • Drive

Why waste time and create more pain for yourself? After all, you are not a masochist!

So with this in mind, let’s look at the most common worst mistakes that someone with a tennis elbow injury makes and how they can stop some of that pain that they already have.

#1 Mistake : Using Heating Pads On Areas Of Pain

When you have lateral epicondylitis, there’s a lot of inflammation in the tendons of the elbow. Sometimes the inflammation extends down to the wrist.

If you touch the elbow, forearm, and wrist, you’ll feel heat. This is a sign of inflammation.

Adding heat to an area that is already inflamed only makes it worse. It’s like feeding a small fire. Before long, the fire becomes a bonfire.

The correct treatment for the inflammation of tennis elbow is cold packs, not heat. Cold packs will quench the fire of the inflammation going on in the elbow joint and in the tendons.

If the idea of adding cold packs to your elbow sends a shiver up your spine, it’s probably because you are thinking about adding the cold pack directly to your skin. This is not the right way to apply a cold pack!

The application of a cold pack should not ever be felt as a shock to the body. Instead, the cold pack should be placed on top of at least 5 layers of towels.

When placed like this, the coldness diffuses gradually into the inflamed tissues. The cold pack should remain in place for 10 to 15 minutes.

#2 Mistake : Letting The Problem Go Too Long Without Doing Anything About It

It’s easy to overlook an illness or even soreness in the elbow, thinking that it may just go away on its own. The body does heal itself in many cases, but tennis elbow can last for months or even years.

As soon as you have a diagnosis from a medical doctor, you will get a treatment plan. And as soon as you get the treatment plan with the home instructions, you can take action.

Tennis elbow exercises will be included in your treatment plan. As soon as you take some action and follow the doctor’s instructions, you can get relief.

For example, your doctor may prescribe a tennis elbow brace that rests the area and gives you a period of relief. As your lateral epicondylitis is being cured, you will find that these periods of relief are longer and longer.

#3 Mistake : Wearing A Brace And Continuing To Do Normal Activities

A tennis elbow brace is great for support of the elbow joint so that you don’t put any extra stress on the tendons that surround the lateral epicondyle. Adding extra insults to tennis elbow injury obviously won’t help you heal.

But when you have a tennis elbow injury, you can’t expect that you can still perform all your normal daily activities just because you are wearing the tennis elbow brace.

Believing this would be similar to thinking that you can put a shield on the front of your car and then smash the car into a wall and nothing will be damaged.

There are many physiological things that are happening when you have a tennis elbow injury.

Along with the inflammation of the tendons, lateral epicondylitis or inflammation of the joint itself, there are thousands of white blood cells rushing to the area, each with their own individual functions.

New proteins are being made to replace the old ones in the tendons and surrounding tissues. The joint is being remodeled.

Nutrients are trying to get into the area to heal it. And your lymphatic system is trying it’s best to pump out the wastes and detoxify the area.

A tennis elbow brace isn’t given to you for the purpose of allowing you to “crash into the wall”. Instead, it’s to calm the area down so that all the activities involved in healing will actually occur.

Be gentle on yourself and take it easy. Allow your body to recover.

#4 Mistake : Eating Plenty Of Sweets And Processed Foods

What you eat becomes your body’s tissues. Thus every food and beverage you consume can help or harm you.

Sweets and sugars interfere with your body’s ability to heal. There are studies that show that within minutes of putting a sweet in your mouth, the white blood cells become paralyzed and unable to fight infection.

Processed foods are high on the Glycemic Index and cause high levels of blood sugar.

This high blood sugar level is a stress on the body, and it causes a big burst of insulin to be released from the pancreas. This completely changes your body’s biochemistry.

It will actually make you store fat… and since your tennis elbow injury has already slowed you down from normal activity and workouts, it can become easy to gain weight.

The big problem with sweets, sugars, and processed foods is that they create AGEs or advanced glycation endproducts, which interfere with healing in every part of the body.

Tennis Elbow ebookDon’t resort to giving in to foods for consolation during this time of healing. Just don’t.

Find out more about how to eliminate tennis elbow by reading the ebook, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed. It’s bound to accelerate your healing.

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