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Now let’s get serious. Don’t you want to know how to heal tennis elbow fast?

Haven’t you become sick and tired of experiencing all the pain? Don’t you just want your life back again?

Why not heal tennis elbow and put this lateral epicondylitis behind you? There is a way. It will take a little effort on your part, but you can do it.

Read up on healing tennis elbow fast right here, and then follow the 7 steps as soon as possible. Then set your clock, mark your calendar and countdown to healing!

7 Steps In Healing Tennis Elbow

Here are all the steps, so copy and paste them on your refrigerator, bedroom door, and bathroom mirror to help you remember what to do.

1. Make sure you have the right diagnosis.
2. Use ice to calm down the lateral epicondylitis, or inflammation of the joint.
3. Wear your brace during the day and night according to the doctor’s instructions.
4. Stop eating sugar and sugary desserts or snacks.
5. Take your multi vitamin/mineral tablets.
6. Get some rest.
7. Do your lateral epicondylitis exercises.

Step 1. Make Sure You Have The Right Diagnosis

Have you been to the medical doctor, osteopath or chiropractor for a diagnosis? If not, pick up the phone and make your call now to schedule an appointment.

You can’t guess at something that is wrong with your body unless you are trained in diagnosis.

Some people take an extra step and get a second opinion just so that they don’t get caught in a situation where a doctor was wrong. Since doctors are human, they will make mistakes, you know…

Countless people suffer because there have been too many times when doctors have misdiagnosed their condition. So if you feel motivated to get a second opinion, do so.

Most doctors will get the lateral epicondylitis diagnosis right, but you never know for sure…

Step 2. Use Ice To Heal Tennis Elbow

Using ice is like adding water to a fire. It quenches the fire of lateral epicondylitis. This one step can dramatically increase your tennis elbow healing.

Step 3. Wear Your Tennis Elbow Brace

A brace for lateral epicondylitis is like a crutch that crippled people use to walk. It helps. So don’t work against it and schedule all your usual activities! Take it easy, and wear your brace.

Step 4. Stop Eating Sugar

It can be difficult to stop eating sugar without tennis elbow, let alone with tennis elbow. When you’re down for the count, do you eat for emotional reasons? If so, you better think about this one.

Some people have tennis elbow for months or years. You don’t want to be asking the question, how long does it take tennis elbow to heal next year!

So in other words, you know that healing is in your future but when? Not even a psychic could tell you that.

If you don’t know when you will be healed but know you will be healed, then will emotional eating really help you or hurt you? It will hurt you.

Most people eat sugar and processed foods for comfort. Be comforted by the fact that you will be healed and do everything you can to stay on track. Eating sugar will harm your progress.

5. Take Your Multi-Vitamin/Minerals

Since you won’t be cooking as much as before, it is imperative that you get enough of the vitamins and minerals you need to heal.

Vitamin/mineral tablets contain antioxidants that decrease the inflammation and speed up tennis elbow healing.

6. Get Some Rest

Whenever you are trying to heal any disease, extra rest is called for.

Don’t try to be a martyr or a superhero and think you can beat the odds and heal tennis elbow fast by running on a few hours sleep each night. It’s not going to happen.

7. Do Your Lateral Epicondylitis Exercises

When you have an injury that involves tendons or ligaments or even muscles in the body, you must do specific exercises to help rebuild and retrain those damaged areas.

Tennis elbow is no different than other health issues that involve tendons and ligaments, and muscles. There are specific exercises that have been performed by those willing to go the extra distance in their healing.

Tennis Elbow ebookAnd those who do these exercises are ones that learn how to heal tennis elbow fast. They are also the ones who don’t end up asking the question, how long does tennis elbow take to heal, simply because they are healed in less than 60 days.

To learn more about what specific exercises to do when you have lateral epicondylitis, get the ebook, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed. You’ll be glad you did.

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