Could The Topical Cream DMSO Work For Lateral Epicondylitis?

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One of the Arthritis Foundation officials, Charles Bennett, made a public statement about DMSO that could be something quite interesting for those with tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis.

He said that there was quite a bit of evidence that the substance could be used as a painkiller.

When you have tennis elbow, you don’t just have pain. You have loss of the use of your arm and hand, which seriously interferes with daily activities. It’s a big problem.

So if you hear that something is a painkiller, you’re on to it like a police dog tracking a criminal.

What Is DMSO?

DMSO is a short term for dimethyl sulfoxide. It’s a chemical that has been used for dozens of industrial uses, including a chemical solvent. That means that other things dissolve in it.

DMSO is a byproduct of the paper industry. Rumor has it that it was discovered by someone in the paper industry who noticed that his arthritis cleared up after reaching into a tank of DMSO.

Other sources say that a Russian scientist discovered it all the way back in the 1800s, while some say its uses were discovered at University of Oregon.

Consumers Loved DMSO

Whoever discovered it doesn’t matter. By the mid 1960s, thousands of people had tried DMSO for arthritis and even strains, sprains and tendonitis. It’s found in practically every health food store in a jar, and the label usually boasts that it’s over 99% pure and low toxicity for adults.

For kids, DMSO may cause neurotoxic effects, interfering with brain development. So keep it away from the kids, as it doesn’t take much – just a touch – and it’s inside the body.

The unique property of DMSO that makes it attractive to those with tendonitis or with tennis elbow is that it penetrates the skin and tissues.

Ask some people who have used DMSO in the past and they’ll probably say, “DMSO for lateral epicondylitis? Hell! Why not try it?”

How DMSO Works

DMSO decreases inflammation, and whenever you have inflammation for long periods of time, the body can’t heal itself.

Whatever you dissolve in the DMSO will go right into the body along with the DMSO. If you rub it onto your elbow, within a few seconds, it’s in the bloodstream. You’ll know because your breath will taste and smell like garlic.

By the way, it’s because of this taste that researchers can’t perform any double-blind studies to test for its efficacy in tennis elbow or any other medical disorder. Scientists have experimented with using DMSO along with chemotherapeutic drugs and what they expected happened: the DMSO made the drugs more potent.

Still, the FDA won’t approve its use for cancer treatments and some people think that’s because DMSO would reduce the number of chemotherapy treatments needed. Thus there would be a loss of income for the cancer industry.

Even though thousands of people have used DMSO and found few side effects other than headaches, skin rash, and hives, the FDA hasn’t approved its use for anything except inflammation of the bladder.

This hasn’t stopped veterinarians for using it on horses. And it’s still in the health food stores.

Heck, I have a jar in my medicine cabinet waiting for times when I might have inflamed joints or tendons and nothing else works. I used it when I had rotator cuff syndrome.

Should You Use DMSO For Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)?

The goal here is just to tell you about it, to provide lots of options for what to do about tennis elbow on this site. DMSO isn’t officially tested so no one can say use it.

We’re just saying that people have used DMSO for tendonitis and some no doubt have used DMSO for lateral epicondylitis but no one has tallied the results.

Tennis Elbow ebookYou’d have to investigate it yourself and make a decision, along with your own intuition guiding you. Intuition will never steer you in the wrong direction.

But there is something that is quite safe and proven to work for tennis elbow. It’s a specific plan of exercises for tennis elbow. You can find them in the ebook, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed.

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