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When you’re young, your health care team usually consists of a medical doctor and a dentist, the two essentials for maintenance of health and emergencies. You didn’t get tennis elbow during those young years.

But as you age, you begin to realize that your body really isn’t indestructible. It’s susceptible to breakdown. Suffering a bout of tennis elbow pain is a way to learn this hard lesson!

Now your health depends on the addition of other healthcare practitioners to your team. Who will you add to your team?

Add A Spinal Expert To Your Team

One possible practitioner is a chiropractor, who is a specialist in the spine, bones, muscles and tendons. And since tennis elbow is a tendon-related medical issue, it behooves you to get a chiropractic consultation.

Here are some other reasons why going to a chiropractor will help:

1. A chiropractor will never prescribe you painkiller medication that has side effects. Instead, he or she will introduce you to non-medication types of therapies that decrease pain.

Some of them include:

  • Ultrasound
  • Electostimulation of the muscles
  • TENS unit, which stimulates the nerve to fatigue it so it reduces your tennis elbow pain
  • Laser therapy, which is the latest modality that can reduce your tennis elbow pain while it uses the wavelength of light to heal the tissues

2. A chiropractor already has a proven treatment plan in his head for how you can best heal from tennis elbow. He’s already seen it work dozens of times before.

3. A chiropractor will also check your back and spine, just to make sure that you don’t have any back issues that need to be addressed immediately.

4. A chiropractor is a licensed health provider (physician) who can address your posture, your nutrition, and your lifestyle habits, thus preventing you from getting sick or injured in the future.

5. A chiropractor is well trained in exercise physiology and can advise you on what exercises to do for your tennis elbow, or for other issues. He can also set up a rehabilitation plan for you to gain total recovery.

Chiropractors Don’t Think About Tennis Elbow Like Medical Doctors Do

Chiropractors are unlike medical doctors in these ways:

1. They have a belief system that you can use natural methods of healing to improve any condition that is a medical challenge. You won’t ever hear a chiropractor tell you that you only have 30 days to live!

2. They spend a lot more time with you at your office visit. You can talk to them as if they are one of your friends.

3. Because they are more holistically-oriented, they will tell you about natural remedies, natural techniques or even simple new ways to think about things to get remarkable progress.

For example, every chiropractor knows about the research study where the basketball players were injured and unable to practice for at least 4 weeks. A traditional medical doctor would say to that basketball player, “Do no practice for 4 weeks or you will have irreparable damage.”

A chiropractor will say, “Did you know that there was a study with injured basketball players which compared those who did nothing to those who imagined they were out on the court practicing. Do you know what they found?

The ones that imagined they were practicing didn’t lose any of their skills and when they got back out there on the court, it was like they never left.”

Tennis elbow patients will have an additional story told to them that helps them realize that by training the un-injured body part, the injured body part heals faster.

As you can see, chiropractors are taught how to inspire their patients, and they use effective methods that speed up recovery in the process.

4. Chiropractors will do anything possible to bring results that insure you won’t need surgery or other invasive techniques. That’s not to say that chiropractors won’t refer you if it’s necessary for your tennis elbow pain; they will.

Tennis Elbow ebookMany health insurance companies now include chiropractic medicine. Do check with your health insurance to see if you can benefit from a chiropractor for your tennis elbow pain.

While you wait for them to get back to you, start reading the ebook, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed, which will give you a headstart on your healing – and amaze your chiropractor about your dedication to get better.

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