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Acupuncture Recommended By WHO For Tennis Elbow


It may be difficult to believe that tennis elbow acupuncture treatment is something that the entire world is interested in. But it’s true.

The World Health Organization is the health authority for the United Nations. Its goal is to step in and be the leader on all global health matters, especially public health matters.

The WHO determines health trends, decides on standards for how different disease should be treated and researched, and is supposed to help out countries when their health needs exceed their resources.

Tennis elbow is a tendonitis disorder that isn’t limited to just America. People of every culture have tendonitis, and tennis elbow may be one of the types prevalent in their society.

The people may not be hitting a tennis ball repetitively but even the act of repetitively carrying water on top of one’s head may be enough to cause a type of tendonitis.

Because the WHO is globally minded and open to other cultures, they realized that the treatments of acupuncture for tennis elbow and acupuncture for tendonitis are performed in over 10 different countries.

After evaluating the studies on it from different cultures, they accepted acupuncture as a valid treatment for tennis elbow in 2003.

How Many U.S. Doctors View Alternative Medicine

This was a good view for the WHO, compared to the view that many U.S. doctors take on alternative medicine of any kind.

You see, the U.S. is pretty snobbish when it comes to medical research. U.S. medical doctors sit around at their conferences discussing only the research studies that are from “peer-reviewed” journals.

If you’re a scientist and you go through all the effort it takes to complete a study and then publish it in a scientific journal that isn’t peer-reviewed, your research won’t mean a thing to U.S. doctors.

They’ll snub you and walk away. The nice doctors may listen to you first, then snub you.

And there’s a problem with this bad attitude. As the scientific community gets larger and larger with scientists collaborating from all around the world, the research from other countries is often not included into these peer-reviewed journals.

The medical docs here in the U.S. don’t believe that anyone in other countries could truly have the upper edge on medicine, or could do research that found something significant.

On the other hand, the American public doesn’t care if research is peer-reviewed or not. All they care about is what works and what could help them get healthier.

Tennis elbow and tendonitis sufferers are open to someone else’s treatments or natural remedies if they’re in another country.

You see, most Chinese research isn’t from peer-reviewed journals which meets the U.S. medical doctor standard.

And this doesn’t make them idiots and their research worthless. They’ve been practicing Chinese acupuncture for over 4000 years. That’s 350+ times longer than the American Medical Association has even been in business.

Acupuncture is used to treat over 200 different medical conditions. Acupuncture for tendonitis is a commonly used treatment – and it works quite well.

Acupuncturists don’t care what the U.S. doctors and scientists think of them.

In fact, this snobby U.S. doctor attitude is really an opportunity for other scientists to excel in the fields of each branch of medicine. It can help make acupuncture for tennis elbow the #1 most sought out treatment worldwide.

Acupuncture For Tennis Elbow Works!

Acupuncturists say that out of all the medical disorders to treat, tennis elbow is one of the easiest to treat. They also report up to a 90% success rate.

In one U.S. study of 22 patients who received acupuncture for tennis elbow, it’s a shame but none of the peer-reviewed journals will ever be able to enlighten their doctor readers about the results.

The study was coordinated by Christine Deignan, M.D. at the Work Fitness Center in Bettendorf, Iowa. She wanted to see if they could save money for insurance companies by using acupuncture for tennis elbow patients.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, when an area of the body is overworked such as the elbow in those with tennis elbow, the person’s energy levels or chi are also overworked.

This causes malnutrition in the area of the tendon and muscle. The same thing is true for any type of tendonitis caused by repetitive use.

The Chinese practitioners increase chi (energy) in the body and nourish the tendons and muscles to get a complete body healing.

Cookbook Medicine Is Always A Problem

In Dr. Deignan’s study, they simply used the acupuncture needles without the nourishment aspect of Chinese medicine. This could be because the WHO guidelines on how a practitioner learns acupuncture are somewhat lame.

The WHO suggests that doctors take an abbreviated course on acupuncture so that they can start using it right away in their practices.

The doctors learn cookbook medicine in order to start making money from acupuncture, in the format of “If the patient has xyz disease, treat these points.”

This is a sure way to deny the physician any insight into how a treatment plan is even created; it doesn’t give them the skills to practice acupuncture with the highest degree of effectiveness.

This same attitude of “If the patient has xyz disease, treat it like this” is what is causing many doctors to leave the field of medicine once the Obama health care plan is initiated.

Acupuncture For Tendonitis Is Generally Successful

Despite the lack of thoroughness in treating the tennis elbow patient, her study showed that 86% of the patients resolved their condition or showed improvement.

Improvement was defined as a patient that didn’t complain about the tennis elbow and also didn’t need painkillers anymore.

The type of acupuncture that was done in this study was with standard needles and electrostimulation of the needles.

But there’s something else you should know about this study. Most of the patients with the tennis elbow were ones that had no relief from any other method. And that alone tells us that acupuncture really does have great merit.

Tennis Elbow SecretsThe beauty of acupuncture for tendonitis is that someone doesn’t have to miss work for extended periods of time as they would with surgery.

If your health insurance won’t allow you to see an acupuncturist for your tennis elbow or tendonitis, you may want to get the book, Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed. This book will show you the home exercises you can do to self-correct your tennis elbow.

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