Why Supplements Aren’t Enough To Heal Your Lateral Epicondylitis

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Elbow Pain

When you have lateral epicondylitis, you want to do anything to get out of pain. Whenever you pick up or grab something, there’s elbow pain. Move your arm in the wrong way, and pain. Try to do something with the kids, and you get more elbow pain.

This elbow pain has to stop! And you already know that whenever there’s pain, there’s also inflammation. If you can only stop the inflammation, there would be less elbow pain.

Elbow Pain Relief Is Possible; Many Will Attest

There is hope from the field of nutrition although very few people seem to consider that perhaps nutrition can be a tennis elbow remedy. Different types of nutrients are known for their ability to calm down inflammation. Here’s a quick list of some of them:

• Vitamin A – especially good for calming inflammation when there’s infection

• Vitamin E – one of the strongest antioxidants, and replenishes the other two

• Vitamin C – excellent as an anti-inflammatory vitamin

These vitamins are all antioxidants. An antioxidant grabs free radicals that are produced at the site of injury, such as in your elbow joint, and makes them vanish.

The more inflammation you have in your elbow joint, the more pain you have. And the more inflammation you have, the more free radicals you have in your body contributing to elbow pain.

Why People Take Supplements As Part Of Their Tennis Elbow Cure

Most people take a multiple vitamin mineral supplement every day, including those with lateral epicondylitis and elbow pain. They do this because they know that no matter how hard they try to eat a good, balanced diet, they just can’t seem to get in four or five vegetable servings per day.

In hot weather, for example, it seems like such a chore to eat! Most people cut back on the amount of food they eat in hot weather, and studies show that even zoo animals do the same thing.

Eating less foods means the intake of vitamins and minerals are lower, and that includes the nutrients vitamin A, E, and C, the ones that can help decrease inflammation in your elbow joint.

This means the tennis elbow remedy could really help if it included these antioxidants. But would it be enough to be considered a tennis elbow cure? Probably not.

Look Mom – No Nutrients In The Food Anymore!

There’s another problem with eating that you should know about when you have lateral epicondylitis.

Did you know that research studies from the USDA prove that the amount of vitamins and minerals in food has now dwindled to seriously low amounts? If you ate a peach back in the 1960s, the amount of vitamin A and C in that one little peach would have nourished you.

But now, the nutrient levels in a peach are so low that you would have to eat dozens of them to equal the level of nutrients in a peach in the 1960s.

So much has changed! And that’s why people have gone to supplements for assurance that they are getting what they need.

It’s also the reason that for some with elbow pain, the antioxidants become almost a tennis elbow cure, alleviating some of the elbow pain.

But what’s really in the supplements? And why is it that supplements and a good diet aren’t enough to help you heal epicondylitis and elbow pain and become that remedy you are looking for?

Supplement Facts That Apply To Those With Elbow Pain (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Here’s where you need to know some basic facts.

1. Without Balance, Supplements Are Worthless!

To improve your health with supplements, the vitamin mineral supplements must be balanced. That means that you have to read the label carefully and find every single one of the nutrients in them.

Here’s a sample list of the nutrients that should minimally be included in your vitamin mineral supplement:

• Vitamin A                       • Vitamin C                             • Vitamin E

• Vitamin D3                     • Vitamin B1                           • Calcium

• Vitamin B2                     • Vitamin B3                           • Magnesium

• Vitamin B6                     • Folic acid                             • Phosphorus

• Vitamin B12                   • Pantothenic acid                  • Selenium

• Boron                             • Iodine                                   • Molybdenum

• Manganese                    • Vitamin K                             • Zinc

• Copper                           • Chromium                            • Iron

• Silica                              • Lithium (the nutrient, not the drug)

• Biotin

That’s a lot! But every one of them is needed for health of your body, and has to be included. If not, the nutrients left out will start to dwindle in your body.

2. The Concept Of Increased Need For Vitamins And Minerals

Let’s say that you do have a balanced supplement and that all the nutrients in the list are in the one you found at the health food store. Let’s go one step farther and say that every one of the nutrients is at a level of 100% of the recommended amount.  That’s a miracle in itself.

Thus it should become your tennis elbow remedy right? Well, to answer that question, the next thing to consider is this: is what’s in the supplement really enough?

No. Here’s why. For decades, nutritional research has proven one thing about different types of things that go wrong with the body: the need for different nutrients increases greater than 100%, and it may be certain nutrients that are needed more than others.

For example, when there’s inflammation in the body, guess what; the need for vitamin A, C and E increases. And this is why taking supplements may not be enough when you have lateral epicondylitis and elbow pain.

3. Joints Wither And Die Without This Nutrient!

There is one specific mineral that everyone needs, young or old. The amount of this mineral in the food we eat has dwindled down to next to nothing, and it’s rarely found in supplements except as an excipient. That mineral is called silica.

Did you know that silica is an essential component of the connective tissue that makes up joints, including the cartilage?

Supplement makers want you to think that it’s glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate that you need for your joints, but in reality, these are far less effective than silica.

Countless numbers of people consider dietary silica as their joint pain remedy, and it didn’t matter if the joint was an elbow joint, knee, vertebral, or hip joint.

So now you know the truth about supplements and lateral epicondylitis and elbow pain. It’s really a secret that very few consider. Certainly, it makes sense that if you don’t have enough nutrients in the body, problems will result.

Whatever you do, check your supplements and do make sure they are adequate. Consider what you learned about silica and do more research. Joints that are hungry will always hurt. And for you that means elbow pain and constantly searching for another tennis elbow cure.

Tennis Elbow SecretsAnd for lateral epicondylitis, another thing to consider is what you are doing during the daytime – how you are moving your arm. If you keep moving it incorrectly, you are feeding the inflammation and creating even more of those free radicals.

That’s why it’s so important to learn the simple yet vitally important ways to really move your arm when you have tennis elbow.

For that reason, I believe every tennis elbow sufferer really needs Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed. Stop more damage from happening to the joint. It just makes sense.

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