What Does Surgery For Lateral Or Medial Epicondylitis Mean For You?

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You have been feeling pain in your arm. At first it may have just been an aching in your elbow. Now, it may be radiating down to your finger tips with every movement. At this point, your doctor may say you need surgery and you are wondering what that really means.

This Is A Degenerative Injury

Long before you felt your first pain, your elbow was deteriorating. Every time you used it, the damage got worse and worse. Once you started feeling the pain, it was probably hard to miss the increasing severity.

Epicondylitis is a degenerative injury. This means it will get worse unless it is treated. There was a time when you could have prevented the damage and never have required surgery.

At that time, you could have focused on strengthening your muscles and making your arm more agile. This would have kept your arm healthy throughout all of your movement. The damage would have healed for good.

Since that did not happen, your pain got worse because your damage got severe. If your doctor is recommending surgery, that is serious. It is always a good idea to get a second opinion and find a diagnosis you trust.

However, if the consensus is to have surgery you should do so right away before the degeneration becomes permanent.

Do Not Get Frustrated By The Slow Healing Process

The biggest complaint most lateral or medial epicondylitis patients who need surgery have is the loss of mobility. You never really know how much you use your arm until you have limited mobility.

Immediately after your surgery, you will have no mobility but that will gradually change. It is the gradual nature of the healing process that can frustrate you.

It is important that your frustration not lead to you taking on too much movement before you are ready. If you do this, you can undo the entire repair from the surgery. Because of the nature and location of your medial epicondyle, or elbow, there is restricted blood flow to the area.

The muscles are fed by smaller vessels because the main blood circulation is being directed to your lower arm and hand. Swelling from the injury limits the blood supply further. If you do too much too soon, you will have more swelling.

Your tendons have virtually no blood supply. The thick, interwoven protein fibers of collagen and elastin which make up your tendons are too dense for veins.

Instead, they are nourished by synovial fluid, which the body produces to keep the joint lubricated. Healing nutrients are in this fluid, but not at the same potency as would be in your blood.

All of this means that the healing nutrients are not as freely available in your tendons and surrounding muscles as they may be in other parts of your body. Therefore, healing is going to take longer in this area. A longer healing period means it will take you longer to feel the results.

To accelerate healing, after your medial epicondylitis surgery you will probably be encouraged to eat very nutritiously. Additionally, you should take a vitamin supplement that is full of nutrients like vitamin C and the vitamin B complex.

A good diet with added nutrients will make sure that the healing blood and fluid pumped into the area is as potent as possible.

Making A Full Recovery

During your recovery period, you will probably see your doctor frequently. Each week he or she will want to check your progress, to make sure you are healing appropriately. As you heal, you will be allowed increasing activity and mobility.

At this point, you will be facing a critical decision that can affect the rest of your life with regard to your elbow pain. If you do not change the circumstances that led to your surgery for medial epicondylitis you are doomed to repeat the injury. Now is the time for you to decide to finally cure your problem.

Tennis Elbow SecretsThe root problem is that your elbow muscles and tendons are weak and rigid. This leaves them prone to overuse injuries from your activities. If permanently giving up your activity is not an answer, then you might want to try the e-book Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed.

Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed is written for anyone suffering from the pain of tennis elbow, whether or not they have needed surgery.

The program will teach you a series of stretches and strengthening movements that will keep your tissue healthy and agile to prevent injury.

It will also show you how to get started right away, by balancing downtime for rest and repair, with moderate activity to promote healing.

If your condition has not progressed so much that surgery is still an option and not a requirement, you need to start correcting the root problem right now. If you do need surgery for your elbow, do not give up hope. You can make a full recovery and ensure the injury will never happen again.

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