Diet Tips to Heal Your Tennis Elbow Injury

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Tennis Elbow Diet

You are what you eat, have you heard that a lot? If you are suffering from tennis elbow, you may think that food does not have anything to do with your sore muscles and tendons. In fact, your diet can play the critical role in how well and how fast you heal.

What Not To Eat

This is the first topic because it may be the most important. If you put bad food in you, you are going to get bad results. Some bad foods you already know about, but some may greatly surprise you.

Stay away from all processed foods, especially those rich in chemicals, preservatives, and dyes. These foods cause multiple problems. First, the chemicals and other artificial ingredients are toxins to your bodies.

Even worse, these toxins are often stored in the same muscular tissue that is injured, making repairs even more difficult.

Second, they are difficult to digest. This means the nutrients that you do consume are not absorbed because your body must spend too much time on the bad foods. The same goes for foods that have a very high fat content, because fat is difficult to digest.

These processed foods are also very innutritious. Any nutrients that were in the food have been dyed, flavored, heated, and otherwise removed.

If you are suffering from a tennis elbow injury, your body needs all the nutrients it can get to heal your wound. If you are not getting enough of what your body needs to live, your body will not be able to devote enough energy to healing your wound.

Foods That Might Actually Cause Your Injury

The most surprising foods that you should not eat are those that may have attributed to your injury.

For example, scientific research has shown that food with a high acid content or which causes your body to produce acid can cause tendons to swell to the point of tearing.

Fried foods, liver, rich cheeses, and deli meat and other acid prone foods must be avoided to prevent tennis elbow injuries as well as other tendonitis.

SaltYou should also avoid sodium, or salt, in your diet. Salt has an unusual ability to cause great swelling throughout your body.

When you consume sodium, your body begins to pool liquid, or swell, even though you may not know it.

While you perform your normal activities, like playing tennis, your arm must deal with excess and unstable weight from this swelling.

You are not aware of the risk, and continue to use your arm as normal but you are actually causing damage from overuse.

If you have an injury to your muscles and tendons, there is already going to be swelling. Lymph fluid and other water is seeping out of your town elbow tissue. The swelling is causing pain and impacting your body’s ability to heal.

If you eat salt at this critical time, you are going to increase your swelling which can have bad consequences and possibly lasting damage.

What You Should Eat

Just as there are foods you must avoid with your tennis elbow, there are other foods you must make sure you get plenty of. Some of these foods are simply nutrient rich, giving your body an abundance of what it needs to heal itself and thrive.

Other foods have specific qualities to help relieve the pain, swelling, and other symptoms of your injury.

In general, fresh and raw foods are always rich in the vitamins, minerals, and other nourishment that you need. Vegetables and fruits when eaten raw will provide you with the maximum amount of nutrition.

Low fat proteins, such as chicken or fish, will help you build new tendon material, or collagen and elastin, without producing the negative acid.

There are specific foods that will help you with your specific condition.

For example, pineapple is high in vitamin C which builds collagen but it also has high bromelain content. Bromelain is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory that will reduce the swelling from your tendonitis, relieving your pain.

Barley is also known for its natural anti-inflammatory attributes, as well as its ability to neutralize acids in your system.

Spinach is high in a form of iron that is easily absorbed by your body. High iron content makes your blood richer and better able to transport healing cells and hormones to your injured elbow.

If You Are Eating Right, You Are Ready For the Next Step

Diet is so critical to healing your tennis elbow, but diet will not heal you alone. You need to give your elbow rest. However, you also need to rehabilitate your arm to make yourself injury proof.

Tennis Elbow SecretsThe e-book Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed can teach you how to achieve both of these goals. This program teaches you tried and true rest and recovery techniques.

However, it will also introduce you to a new program of at-home rehabilitation exercises which gradually increase your strength and flexibility.

As your strength increases and you continue to eat right, you will need less and less recovery time until one day you find you are no longer plagued with the pain you once suffered.

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