3 Ways To Find Tennis Elbow Relief

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3 Ways Tennis Elbow Relief

Your tennis elbow or tendonitis is aching and you cannot concentrate on anything else. You are desperate to find some remedy. Before you pop a pill or call the doctor for a prescription, there are natural and healthier ways to get the same, or better, pain relief.

Natural Medicines

While it is a good idea to not pollute your system or diminish your body’s healing capacity with oral and prescription pain relievers, there are some fantastic natural alternatives.

The best natural tennis elbow remedies are those that can be used topically. These are applied directly to the skin around your elbow, providing quick relief without the dangers of pills.

Oil of wintergreenOil of wintergreen, or methyl salicylate, is a fantastic topical remedy for your tendonitis. When absorbed by your skin, wintergreen is converted to salicylic acid which is also known as aspirin.

As you know, aspirin is a great pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, but it also thins your blood.

Thinned blood is better able to reach all the areas of your elbow where swelling may have limited the blood supply.

Traditionally, aspirin will agitate the stomach and interfere with the digestion of nutrients, but when absorbed through the skin it skips the digestion process and goes straight into the bloodstream.

Menthol, derived from peppermint, is also a great anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling with no harmful side effects. However, it’s pain relieving affects are also important.

When menthol touches your skin, it triggers your nerves to feel a cooling sensation. This cooling sense is very powerful. The nerves are consumed with this sensation and are not able to transmit the normal pain indicators from before.

Short And Long Stretch Compression Bandages

Compression BandageCompression is a very effective tennis elbow remedy. Compression is the method of applying pressure to the injury to eliminate swelling and increase blood flow. Compression is typically achieved using wrap bandages or braces.

There are two different types of compression bandages and it is important that you understand both so you can use the right kind at the right time.

Long stretch bandages have a great stretching ability. When you feel them, they are typically stiff and less flexible. They are woven tightly and in a way that does not draw back to its original shape quickly. When they are wrapped around your arm, they do not immediately contract. They continue to contract throughout the day as you move.

This gives the bandages very high compression ability, applying a lot of pressure as long as you wear it. This extreme pressure means that they cannot be worn for long periods of time, especially overnight, or they could eventually cut off circulation. However, long stretch bandages are fantastic at relieving extreme or acute swelling and pain.

On the other hand, short stretch bandages can be worn all day and all night if needed. They contract immediately after application. This means the tightness after application will remain the tightness throughout the rest of the day.

This will not be enough compression for extreme swelling, but should be enough to provide tennis elbow pain relief throughout normal activities and for lingering swelling.

Finding Lasting Relief

With so many different therapy remedies for tennis elbow out there, it can be difficult to determine which will give you the best results. The wrong choices can end up doing more damage than good. If you are not using techniques designed to cure your tennis elbow, then you are only treating the pain and the injury will recur.

The fact is that most techniques for tennis elbow pain relief were not created by someone who ever suffered from tennis elbow. While they have probably been officially trained, they are still confined to the theories of traditional medicine and this is the fundamental reason why so many techniques fail.

The main problem with traditional medicine is that is will only try to stop your pain. If necessary, your doctor may decide to operate on your elbow.

However, this is only to correct immediate damage. You may feel tennis elbow relief, but if you do not correct the issues that caused the problem in the first place you are going to be injured again.

Tennis Elbow SecretsThe question is how do you stay injury free for good? You can find the answer in the e-book Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed. There is a lot of valuable information you can learn in this book to help you stay injury free.

Of this information, a very important lesson you will learn is the R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) method of pain relief and healing.

This will help you better understand the techniques you have learned in this article.

Secondly, and most important of all the information in the book, you will learn a series of exercises and stretches to keep your muscles and tendons strong and flexible.

It is difficult to injure an arm that is strong and agile. These exercises, in combination with proper healing techniques, will be your permanent solution.

You do not need to suffer any longer. Relieve your pain using these healthy techniques you have learned. However, do not let your pain stop you from doing what it takes to cure problem. The sooner you start on the path to making your arm stronger, the sooner you will begin to feel better.

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david November 2, 2010 at 10:29 pm

i was informed today i am suffering from tennis and golfers elbow, both on my left side… is there any cheaper remedies to help sooth this? i cant change the way i work and i know this is whats causing it, is there anything i can do that will help make it less painfull that wont brake the bank??

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