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Your joints, especially your elbows, have to bear the largest burden throughout the day. In fact, scientists believe that your elbow’s muscles and tendons are one of the most used in your body. With so much use, it is no wonder that tennis elbow, or tendonitis, is the most prevalent injury humans sustain.

Now that you have this tendonitis, it is time to start getting better. The longer the problem goes without treatment and healing, the worse it will get. One of the most important steps to healing from your tendonitis is to give your body the nourishment it needs to do the necessary growth and repairs quickly and correctly.

The Different Components Of Your Elbow

It is important that you understand the structure of the joint if you are going to nourish your tendonitis in elbow. Your injury affects every part of your elbow and every part must heal. However, they each need different nourishment and therapeutic efforts to fully heal and become injury proof.

Obviously, bone is an essential part of your joint. Your skeletal structure is what supports all of your movement. Of course, your injury is not in your bone, but your bone still plays an important role in curing tendonitis of the elbow.

Remember everything you ever heard about the importance of lifting with good posture or you will hurt your back? Your other joints are no different. You must always be sure that you use the correct posture in all of your activities, from lifting to sports. If your bones are in alignment, it will put less strain on your muscles and tendons.

Lying on top of your bone and directing movement are your muscles. It is moving your arm muscles that typically increases your elbow tendonitis symptoms. They are composed of mainly from strands of protein.

Muscles are defined as the contracting tissue that gives you the ability to move and produce force. In plain language, this means you cannot move, lift, or perform any other activity without your muscles. All day long your use your arm and forearm muscles, but they can still easily be compromised if not cared for properly.

Muscles, especially the type in your arms, are very unique to most other parts of your body. The strength and size of a muscle is entirely determined by you. If you nourish your muscle, it will be stronger and more fortified and if you abuse your muscle, you are going to be weak and injury prone.

Attaching the muscle to the bone and running the length of the muscle, essentially making all supported movement possible, are your tendons. As you may have guessed, this is the primary body part affected when you suffer from tendonitis in the elbow.

Tendons are like nature’s rubber bands, holding muscles in place but still allowing your body to bend, stretch, contract, and remain flexible. These “bands” are composed of the proteins called collagen and elastin.

Collagen, next to bone, is one of the strongest substances in your body. While the exact structure varies throughout your body, in your elbow collagen is very dense.

However, it maintains a fibrous structure that allows you to move. Using the rubber band explanation, collagen is the material that holds the rubber band together.

Elastin is like the elastic in the rubber band that allows it to stretch great distances and then retract to its original shape. Elastin is also made from protein, but lighter protein molecules that are arranged in a coil like structure. As you may guess, it is this coil structure that gives elastin its flexibility and strength.

Now you know how your elbow is constructed. When you are healing from tennis elbow tendonitis, it is always important that keep this in mind. When you are injured, you will know now exactly what nutrients your body needs to rebuild.

Giving Your Elbow The Nourishment It Needs To Rebuild

During that lesson on elbow structure, what word did you read over and over again? If you answered protein, you are right. Protein is responsible for more than 45% of your dry body mass. It is one of the most essential elements in your body. Without enough protein, you simply could not live.

Your body creates the specific proteins and protein based amino-acids that comprise your muscles and tendons. However, you still have to provide the ingredients for these proteins. Put simply, this means you have to consume what your body needs.

Because it takes protein to build protein, the first ingredient is to eat more protein. Since most of your body is comprised of protein and needs it to thrive, you have to eat more protein than normal if you are healing from tendonitis tennis elbow.

Unfortunately, not all protein was created equal and consuming the wrong kind of protein can do more harm than good. Plant based proteins, like those made from soy beans, are difficult for your body to digest. When your body has trouble digesting a food, more of the nutrients are removed as waste instead of absorbed.

Animal protein is the most superior form of protein, supplying the most nutrients your body needs to rebuild. In fact, many patients recovering from elbow tendonitis surgery are given an animal protein rich diet for recovery. However, many animal based proteins can also be bad for you because of their high fat content.

Beef, pork, lamb, and protein from milk are loaded with fat. This fat is easy for your body to absorb, almost instantly increasing your body fat and weight and decreasing your health and strength. Always remember, anything that compromises your body will make your elbow tendonitis treatment less effective.

Although some animal based proteins are not recommended for healing, some are quite excellent. Lean proteins, such as chicken and fish, should be an important part of your diet while you are healing. These will give you the highest concentration of proteins without the fat to degrade you.

In addition to eating plenty of protein, make sure you drink plenty of water. Your body, especially your tendons and muscles, is made from mostly water. Your body does not produce water. This means all of the water in your body comes from what you consume. While you can get water from your food, it is a safe bet to drink at least 80 ounces of water every day.

You should also take a regular vitamin and mineral supplement each day. Your body uses vitamins and minerals in all of its processes. Different supplements provide different nourishment.

For example, vitamin C helps your body build collagen but vitamin B helps your body absorb protein. A good daily supplement with multiple vitamins and minerals should be all you need to adequately nourish your healing elbow.

Become Injury Proof

Now that you have learned how to promote healing from your injury, you need to learn how to remain injury free. If you do not make an effort to correct your problems that lead to your elbow tendonitis symptoms you are bound to have a repeated injury. The next time, the injury could be far worse and more debilitating.

Tendonitis of elbow tissue has occurred because the muscles were used beyond their strength and the tendons were stretched beyond their ability.

This is good news. As you read earlier about muscles, you are entirely in charge of how strong and big your muscle is. Likewise, it is up to you to make sure that your tendons remain flexible and able to stretch adequately without damage.

Tennis Elbow SecretsYou need to perform physical strength and flexibility training to achieve the results you need to stay injury free.

Fortunately for you, there is a program available that will teach you everything you know to achieve this goal.

The e-book Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed was developed by Geoff Hunt to give you this instruction.

Hunt’s program will teach you a series of elbow tendonitis exercises that build muscle, but keep the tendons as flexible as possible. Many tennis elbow sufferers who used this program were often amazed at how quickly their pain went away and stayed away.

No matter how you nourish your injured elbow, it will remain at risk unless you make a sincere effort to remain injury free. It is not difficult to exercise, stretch, and flex your muscles but you will have to be diligent about sticking to the program. If you do, your diligence will be well rewarded because you will remain pain free for the rest of your life.

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As I read the issue concerning nourishment for tennis elbow protein was mentioned. So, what about Hemp milk protein. Is that a viable source of protein?

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